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Rankings .... again

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1 Rankings .... again on Fri Jun 25, 2010 4:35 pm


Ok i had to think hard on this one from the old rankings and what i seen from the brawlers i played lately i am placing everyone in order from right now excluding myself because its difficult to rank myself as you must know XD for anyone that isnt on this newer list (which is like everyone i am sure) pc me at the chat and i'll re rank you a second time first for some people

Rules: 1st fight neutral stages (Bf,Fd,Sv,Yi)
2nd and 3rd fight loser gets a counter pick some stages are banned so discuss the counter pick
3 stocks
8 min. timer MUST BE ON reason is because alot of you roll to much and if you do i will probably say the hell with it and just time you out lol
the characters i'll pick are (marth, Gaymanwatch, toonlink, mario and sonic)
so i can fairly see where everyone is instead of using my Godly Zelda eh sasuke



Super 64

Well those are the rules find me when i am free or you are if you cant find me pc dexeter and he'll help you out zelda sonic link mario
And yes my ZELDA IS A GOD zelda zelda zelda zelda zelda zelda

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2 Re: Rankings .... again on Fri Jun 25, 2010 5:11 pm

didnt u tested everyone already? Shocked

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